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September 15, 2011

Vaping and my quit smoking story

     Hello, my name is Alex and i am addicted to vaping.  I have been vaping for about 2 weeks now and have been completely cigarette free for a whole week.
     Vaping is the practice of using a personal vaporizer (e-cigarette) to inhale nicotine into the lungs. It contains a base ingredient, nicotine, and flavoring. None of the 40 carcinogens found in tobacco are present. Since your not inhaling anything "toxic" this is viewed as a much healthier way to ingest nicotine.
     I have tried to quit many times with gums, patches, and other things. However, none of it get me through the hurdles of completely quitting analogs. The gum helped while I was on vacation but as soon as my normal routine resumed, smoking resumed with it. The patch was a horrible experience that made me dizzy and sick all the time. I hated it... Now, after almost 10 years of smoking I have been smoke free for 7 days thanks to my eGo-T.
     I feel better, smell better, and have more energy. This morning i woke up without any cough whatsoever. Today is day 7 without a smoke and i feel fine not having them. There is even 4 unopened packs of cigarettes on my desk and I have no temptation to fire one up.
     E-cigarettes are much cheaper than analogs. That said, they are not a one time purchase. Parts wear out and break. However, you will save money from not smoking. An initial cost can be anywhere from $20 - $500 depending on what you go with. It's generally recommended that you should go with a better kit than you can find at gas stations. It seems a normal price for a good starter kit is around $50 - $100. The eGo-T kit from AltSmoke is $65 and contains everything you'll need to get started. The kits at gas stations are very cheap kits and can be questionable at best. The success rate of them is much lower than those that start with a  higher quality kit like the eGo-T.
     If your're looking to quit smoking and are interested in information there are a number of helpful resources available for you. ECF is a great resource, and the one I use on a regular basis. Overall, the effects of vaping are positive and beneficial to your healrh


  1. Congratulations on quitting analogs, Alex! I was a “pack-a-day” smoker since I was 12 and have tried various ways to stop smoking. I started vaping a year ago, and just like you, I was very happy with the results. I feel the urge to vape but smoking isn't there anymore. I'm looking forward to that day I totally quit.

    Elene Meyers @ Make The Shift Now

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