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July 19, 2010

Android apps, tips, and tricks

Whether you've been a user of Android since debut or you're new to the scene this will probably be of some use to you. With the Android market creeping up in 100,000 apps it can be a bit difficult to find exactly what you're looking for and equally hard to separate the good from the bad. All of these apps are downloadable from the market, most are free, however the ones that are paid are only a couple of dollars.

Tikl: It's a simple push to talk client that really excels in doing what it says. If you've ever used a Nextel it's the same principle. Free

Handcent SMS: A text messaging app that far exceeds anything on a stock Android phone to date. Customizable color schemes and conversation styles give it a very open feel. (Disable your stock apps notifications. open stock menu>settings>notifications.) One of my favorites. Free

Kindle for Android: A Kindle app that offers a very nice user interface and reading experience.
Adjustable text, page color and other great features. Free

Fox News: A news app with all the great features you would expect. Live streaming from Fox News Radio, video highlights and headlines. Free

Pandora: The most popular music streaming app available. Free

Swiftkey Beta: One of the best keyboards for Android. Swiftkey will scan through your text messages
and try to learn your style of talk. It will actually predict your next words as you type. Free

Twitter for Android: The official Twitter client for Android.

Dolphin browser: Dolphin offers tabbed browsing and a great user interface. Free

Shop Savvy: A barcode scanner and shopping app all in one. Free

Weatherbug Elite: a weather app with live radar and forecasts. $1.99

WikiMobile encyclopedia: Wikipedia at your fingertips. Free

Astro file manager: An excellent file manager. SD card and phone storage. Free

Skype Mobile: umm skype.

Google Translate: Makes conversations much easier than yelling WHERE IS THE MC'DONALDS. Free

IMDb: Movies at your fingertips and much more.

I hope this list gives you some insight on the Android scene.