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July 13, 2010

Customer Service

We've all dealt with it, whether it be a cell phone company or any other major industry. The customer service representatives that you speak with when you call tech support are very likely to be in another country.

I just got off a 58 minute call to belkin tech support to fix a router issue. A call that probably should have lasted all of 20 minutes, due to the language barrier has been pushed up to almost an hour. More and more these jobs are being outsourced to countries thousands of miles from where the caller is due to cheaper wages.

However, more and more i find myself trying to use companies that tend to shy away from this practice. Vision computers comes to mind. Vision Computers has a very good record of customer service. The average hold time for tech support is 15 seconds.... Let that sink in people. Just think of the last time you called tech support and held less than 5 minutes.

A lot of the "mom n pop" businesses out there just can't hack it. Much of that has to do with the internet age. Most times it is very expensive and time consuming to build a web page and maintain it. However, it is getting lot less expensive and troublesome. I admit that if i need something in a pinch google is my friend. If your out in town and you have your choice between Home Depot and Bob's Hardware I think you should choose Bob. He probably has more experience and knowledge than everyone at Home Depot.

Customer service has been a lost art to a lot of mega corporations. Just rememer this, if you are needing something; whether it be electronic or otherwise, check your local stores and businesses first. They might just save you a headache or two.

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