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July 17, 2010

Just can't justify getting a Droid X

I am one of those people who needs to be up to date on all of the latest pocket technology. I am always looking at the FCC site for new patent filings (NERD). I recently purchased an HTC incredible in 5-2010. As soon as i got comfortable with the Incredible the Droid X rumors started. Rumors turned to leaked images, leaked images turned to leaked release dates, and finally on 7-15-2010 it happened. A day that will live in infamy as one of the most historic and socially moving days of....... Ok so maybe i over done that one a little bit. Anyway the DX finally launched. I was super excited to say the least. I started trying to find a way to manipulate my contract in order to get one.
As of tonight I have officially changed my mind on the DX. Not saying that it isn't an amazing phone because it is. However, i just can't justify an upgrade from a Droid Incredible i got less that 4 mos. ago. With the new update that is coming to the Inc. including Wireless N, 720 HD video, and bug fixes i am beginning to lose the DX bug. Oh, and the fact that the bootloader is locked on the X didn't exactly hurt my decision either.
Also, the fact that the Android phones in Verizon's lineup are coming so fast; who knows how long it will be until we get a phone with a front facing camera, or even a built in ray-gun. That'd be SWEET!!!
Being the first Android / Verizon phone with a large screen and 720 video I am sure more will follow, and when they do I'm sure they will eclipse the DX just like the Inc. did the the Droid 1. No matter what phone you have a superior one will always be just around the corner and for a person like me that is a very difficult reality to handle but handle it I must.

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  1. What about the Sprint Evo with 4g? I mean its hard to beat that... and its not made by Motorola! Also no sky rocket carrier fees. I am not sure if it has N wifi... but thats doesnt really matter a whole lot considering it only speeds up LAN network speed where as 4g in the evo speeds up your wireless speeds