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July 15, 2010

EasyTether for Android Ububntu style

Right now its after 12:00a.m. I'm tired, worked all day, and even the pugs are asleep.
However, i did manage to finaly get Easytether to work on Ubuntu. If you follow these simple steps you can too.

Step 1: Download the drivers at
Step 1.5: Install said drivers. duh

Step 2: plug your android device into your laptop

Step 3: run easytether and ensure USB is checked.

Step 4: open up terminal and type "easytether enumerate" without the quotes. Then your devices id number will appear.

Step 5: type "sudo easytether connect #########" without quotes. Replace #s with serial num. This will bring up another command.

Step 6: open up another terminal window. THE OTHER ONE HAS TO STAY OPEN. type in "sudo dhclient easytether0" without quotes into the new window. This will configure your phone and signal.

Step 7: Enjoy. When you are done press CTRL+C in the original window to disconnect.

Sorry for any typos. it's late dang it



    thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

    Been up all night and morning (it's 1245 now) trying to get tethering working on new Opensuse 11.3, gave up and installed ubuntu, found easytether and now I can tether!

    Time for bed now!!!

  2. hmm I still cant get easytether to work, I get no such device easytether0. What is the command to what network devices are connected?


  3. Thanks for clear directions, but I am also getting the no such device error. Suggestions?

  4. I'm also getting the "no such device" error

  5. Ok, I got it working. I did the steps a few times with the no such device error but I shut ububtu down, connected my phone, started the pc till my phone registered the usb and put it in mass storage mode, opened easytether, finished booting ubuntu, and followed the steps again making the device is all capitals (not sure it matters) and it works, I'm online! Hope this helps.

  6. This works for me, thankyou!

    Is it possible to automate (script) the connection process, for those who are less terminal-savvy?

  7. Still working on a applet for this but for those who want a shorter process, with less windows open:
    "sudo easytether enumerate | easytether connect > /dev/null &"

    Then run
    "sudo dhclient easytether0"
    You still need to keep the terminal open but this helps a little. When you want to kill the connection either use "fg" then "Ctrl-c" to bring easytether back to the foreground and then kill it. OR "sudo kill `pidof easytether` " will find and kill it. Make note of the back ticks they are not single quotes. Good luck.

  8. Hi there,

    I am a noob at linux and an even bigger noob at android. But I wanted to say thanks your guide explained the commands I needed to get EasyTether to work. I have created to small executable text files the first one runs the connect command and the other one runs the so dhclient command. All you do is put in your sudo password and thats it.

    I added them to my zumo drive you can download them as you wish and include them for download on your site. (dunno how long this link will be up)


  9. iIcannot believe you still cannot easily tether your android device in opensuse

  10. I get this...

    stening on LPF/easytether0/02:00:54:74:68:72
    Sending on LPF/easytether0/02:00:54:74:68:72
    Sending on Socket/fallback
    DHCPREQUEST of on easytether0 to port 67
    DHCPACK of from
    bound to -- renewal in 866770973 seconds.

    but then when I disconnect from my wireless network it still doesn't work. What am I missing here...

  11. the first word in the first line command is "Listening." PEBKAC...

  12. Try disconnecting your wireless connection before launching EasyTether. I had the same problem and apparently resolved it that way.

  13. Yeah, a whole week and all I had to do was disconnect the wifi first...

    Thank You.

  14. Thank you so much! This worked perfectly on the first try!

  15. Thank you very much. This worked perfectly.

  16. Thank You!!! very helpful and simple

  17. Because this comes up as the first entry when you google "easyteather opensuse" thought I'd post a comment and let everyone know this does work pretty well on OpenSuse. Just install the Fedora rpm package and then follow the connection wizard on your android. Works perfectly.

    Also as a suggestion to Mark

    Simply create a bash script, chmod to 755 and paste in the following code

    easytether connect > /dev/null &
    dhclient easytether0
    disown ${myPid}

    now simply create a launcher using the command "gksudo" and you should be good to go and by using the disown command you won't need to keep a terminal window open either.

    Course you could also write a usb.up script to automatically run the above commands when you connect your device. That would take me longer then the few minutes I have tonight, but should get you started.