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July 15, 2010

Google Chrome is my new favorite browser

I have been using Firefox for a long time, but have had Chrome installed on my computer ever since i came out. I just never really used it much until recently. Google Chrome is a simple browser but packed with features that everyone from a power-user to a grandma can use.
By far the most useful feature in Chrome is the sync feature. Sync lets you log into the browser from any computer and have everything from bookmarks to settings exactly the same on each computer. I did not understand how essential this was until i actually used it.
Another accolade of Chrome is the simplicity of it all. The navigation bar is very clean and minimalistic. Gone are they days of a 6 inch thick bar just to type in a web address and look at your bookmarks. Chrome has the address bar, extensions and bookmarks. That's it.
Integrated Twitter, Facebook, mail and other extensions are a nice touch. New extensions are added everyday and developers are really catching on.
It's my belief that this browser blows Firefox out of the water, and is light years ahead of windows explorer. Who still uses IE aside from old people anyway? Other than for site compatability. Now, for full disclosure i am a Google fan. I like what they do and how they think. If you don't like it bug off


  1. 2 things.....can we say faster speed and no lock-ups?! I love me some Google Chrome!

  2. probably one of my most used features of google chrome is the address bar search! lets not forget that.

  3. Oh and the fact that each tab runs in its own sandbox! if one tab crashes due to a crappy site the entire browser does not crash. I am sure there are many more features I love and just cant think of right now.